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tv   CBS 2 News at 11  CBS  April 3, 2016 11:00pm-12:00am EDT

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>> we love you. captioning sponsored by cbs captioned by media access group at wgbh
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next, a deadly derailment on amtrak. passengers describe the chaos. >> and a big surprise for a 103- year-old who was robbed. t mt ard twk.nogesur-st00eginrn tanphe
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. it was like a big explosion, then a fire, then the windows bursted out. >> a fire ball. a frightening few seconds. didn't know what to do. right now, moment of impact. shattered windows rattled nerves and a trail of debris. the final moments before a deadly derailment. >> plus, wild weather, round 2. 60 mile-an-hour wind gusts, downed trees and another storm is on the way. if you thought winter was over, guess again. we're expecting rain and snow for the morning commute. meteorologist elise finch is tracking it all. the good news is the winds have died down. no wind advisories or high wind warnings, but we are watching that snow inching closer and closer. vortex satellite and radar shows the bigger picture. here's the next system poised to move in. it is going to bring us rain and snow. some of the snow is actually
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we're talking about a little bit of accumulating snowfall. not in the city, but as we head north. sullivan, ulster, duchess counties under a winter weather advisory now through 6:00 monday evening. we are talking about a snow event. not a huge one, but still accumulating snow, nonetheless in april. we have freeze alerts in effect until 10:00 tomorrow morning. things are getting very interesting once again. overnight, expect to see some late snowflakes, especially north and west. not nearly as windy overnight tonight as what we had yesterday. 34 degrees overnight, but cindy, there's even more to this weather story. i'll have it coming up in a bit. >> elise, thank you. many people still dealing with the damage from today's storm. 60 mile-an-hour wind gusts ripped trees out of the ground, toppled power lines, and forced thousands of people into darkness. cbs 2's valerie castro is live with the cleanup. valerie? >> reporter: cindy, the winds
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street here in queens village. a tree fell down earlier today. we'll show you the video of that in a second. that caused a chain reaction. power lines were ripped down. you can see this intersection is still closed off. this utility pole over here is leaning so far over that the extension on this truck was needed just to hold it up. you can see crews still have quite a bit of work ahead of them. the day might be over, but the work has barely begun to clean up this mess on 210th street near murdock avenue in queens village. this large tree came down early in the day, crushing cars, pulling down utility lines, and snapping power poles. >> i was shocked. i didn't know what to think. i was, like, are you serious? this tree has been here for years. >> reporter: this woman's suv, one of at least four cars smashed by the tree. >> the whole windshield is cracked. rear view window. there's a dent on top. got to make sure the tires are good, safe to drive again.
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>> reporter: an entire house was blown off its pilings at howard beach, queens. part of the vacant building fell onto the home next door. >> i heard a big loud crash and then my mom went downstairs and looked out the window. she was, like, oh, my god, the neighbor's house fell on us. >> reporter: in nassau county, the wind blew this tree over, pulling up the sidewalk. >> my house shook a little bit. it was crazy. >> reporter: power lines sparked input roadway. >> it was a big ball of fire on the ground. >> reporter: in middletown, new jersey, a dead tree landed on the haines family home. >> big whistling noise, a crack. you hear a crack. >> reporter: in elizabeth, the steeple of this church was cause for concern after it began to sway in the wind. police shut down surrounding streets. in raritan, homeowners dealt with the aftermath of 60 mile- per-hour winds that blew through homes. >> windows were shattered, gutters ripped off, roof. water is in the attic.
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everywhere, sure to continue into monday morning. back out here live, you can see even more of the damage on the same street. that's a lamp post that was ripped down as a result of the tree being blown over. crews had concerns working in the high winds today. that's why a lot of the repairs didn't get finished. we're told they will continue their work tomorrow morning. reporting live in queens village, valerie castro, cbs 2news. >> valerie, thank you. the storm is still affecting thousands of people across the tri-state area. in new jersey, more than 7000 customers are without power. in connecticut, about 1200 customers are affected. long island has about 2500 outages. in new york city, there are about 200 customers without power. now to the deadly derailment in pennsylvania. investigators are on the scene tonight, just south of philadelphia where an amtrak train heading from manhattan to georgia derailed after colliding with a piece of construction equipment. two people were killed and dozens more hurt. cbs 2's hazel sanchez is live
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hazel? >> reporter: cindy, the national transportation safety board says they have recovered key video from the amtrak train that will help them with their investigation. they say they are also looking into the possibility that a scheduling error may have placed an amtrak maintenance crew on the tracks when they shouldn't have been. the amtrak passenger train en route from new york to savannah, georgia was 15 minutes outside philadelphia when it crashed into an amtrak maintenance crew on the track. >> i woke up to being thrown into the seat in front of me and window got blown out right beside me. >> all you could see was a lot of dirt and debris flying past the train. then there was a couple fire flashes. >> reporter: it was just before 8:00 sunday morning when the front engine smashed into a backhoe, derailing and sending equipment parts flying. the bucket to that backhoe left sitting in the middle of the tracks. other pieces thrown several feet away. the windshield and some passenger car windows were shattered.
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of one car was a mangled mess. >> we got off-track. then there was a big explosion. then it was a fire, then windows bursted out and, like, some people were cut up. >> reporter: emergency crews were radioed in to help. >> we now have our second d-o-a located at the impact side of the backhoe. >> reporter: two amtrak workers, one operating the backhoe, the other supervising nearby, were killed. 341 people on the train. 35 were injured and hospitalized, but are expected to be okay. amtrak declined to comment why the maintenance equipment was on the active track. the national transportation safety board says it's looking at several factors, including scheduling, to determine if the accident was caused by human error. >> we have recovered the data recorder. the forward-facing video and inward-facing video to send to our laboratory in washington, dc. >> reporter: the train engineer
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is expected to make a full recovery. they have not yet released the names of the two people who were killed. as far as amtrak service, it's expected to be back to normal on the northeast corridor between new york and philadelphia, normal by tomorrow morning. but there are still expected delays between philadelphia and wilmington, delaware. that's the latest live from penn station, hazel sanchez, cbs 2news. >> hazel, thank you. new information tonight on a woman accused of mugging a lady twice her age. 53-year-old sharon mcneil is being held on $100,000 bail. she is accused of robbing 103- year-old luis signori. police say a surveillance camera at the building helped them catch mcneil. tonight, police in co-op city tweeted a photo of officers delivering food to signori, replacing what they say mcneil
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driver of the truck police say prompted a partial evacuation of times square last night. police say 28-year-old ryan frazer was given 10 summonses after officers spotted his white box truck unoccupied with the keys in the ignition on 46th street. there were also two gas cans and loose electrical wires in the front seat. frazer is due back in court in june. well, new yorkers who make minimum wage will soon get a raise. tomorrow, governor cuomo plans to sign a new bill into law that will gradually increase the state's minimum wage from $9 an hour to $15. folks in new jersey are pushing for the same increase. in campaign 2016, front runners are falling behind in the polls leading up to tuesday's wisconsin primary. the outcome could give democrat bernie sanders a boost and slow down donald trump's steady march toward the republican nomination. cbs 2's brian webb reports. >> reporter: at a campaign rally in west alice, wisconsin, donald trump said it's time for john kasich to get out of his
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>> you shouldn't be littering up the process, because that's what he's doing. it's really a disgrace, i'll tell you u. >> reporter: kasich tweeted, that's not how a republic works, donald. we'll keep fighting until someone reaches a majority of delegates. >> reporter: ted cruz made several stops in wisconsin on sunday, insisting he's the republican's best shot at winning the white house. >> nominating donald is a gift- wrapped present to hillary clinton and the democrats. >> reporter: a cbs news battle ground tracker poll shows cruz 6 points ahead of trump in wisconsin with john kasich far behind. the same poll shows bernie sanders 2 points ahead of hillary clinton. sanders spoke to a crowd of several thousand at the university of wisconsin madison. >> if we do not allow the trumps of the world to divide us up, the truth is there is nothing that we cannot accomplish. >> reporter: clinton spent the day campaigning in new york
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primary. brian webb, cbs news. >> polls show donald trump holds commanding leads in new york and pennsylvania, which holds its primary on april 26. well, a driver on edge in california. a car nearly falls off a cliff. incredibly, the driver escaped with his life, but he probably never expected what happened next. >> and a different side of a soccer star. abby wambach goes from smiling on the field to frowning in jail. now she is apologizing. >> also ahead-- >> i have my team, which is better. i feel confident. >> a softball team in the bronx overcoming the odds, but their fight is far from over. now they are putting a positive spin on a new challenge. >> also, baseball opening night. mets are playing. we'll have an update on that world series rematch. and former met desi releford had an interesting perspective on one of the most iconic moments in mets history.
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. a massive building fire in queens, now under control after firefighters spent all night trying to put out the flames. the fire sent thick, black
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long island city. this happened just before 4:00 this afternoon at a dry cleaner on 13th street. investigators say it quickly spread to a furniture store next door. two firefighters were treated for minor injuries and the cause of the fire is still unclear. well, two queens lawmakers are set to propose a bill mandating a state review of security on the mta. the push comes following the deadly terror attacks in brussels. legislation would require regular assessments of security on all transit and commuter rail systems, including the long island railroad, metro north, and city subways. in california, a man survives a wild ride, escaping his suv just seconds before it almost plunged off a cliff in malibu. police say the man lost control of his vehicle and slammed into a guardrail, causing it to hang precariously over that cliff. officers say the man was then so disoriented that he stepped into oncoming traffic and got hit by a bus. still, the man survived and is recovering at a hospital. former u.s. women's soccer
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abby wambach is being charged with drunk driving. oregon police say they pulled the 35-year-old over after she ran a red light near downtown portland last night. police say she then failed a field sobriety and breathalyzer test. wambach posted an apology to family, friends and fans on her facebook page, saying this is all on me, i promise that i will do whatever it takes to make sure this horrible mistake is never repeated. new tonight, a middle school softball team in the south bronx has a lot to look forward to these days. they are getting ready to play a very special day in chicago. for them, playing ball is much more about dirt, gloves and rounding the bases. dave carlin has their story. >> reporter: on this field just a stone's throw from yankees stadium, the lady tigers prove they are tough and proud, with this leader they count on in good times and bad. >> go, go, go, go, go! >> reporter: 37-year-old
11:19 pm
south bronx as a physical education teacher and saw too many disadvantaged and at-risk kids in need of something to focus their energies on and give them hope. >> my girls live a tough and hard life. >> reporter: three years ago, he put together the lady tigers and members of his team say it changed their lives. >> i was lonely. now that i have my team, which is better, i feel confident about myself. >> this team has kept me out of the streets. before i used to be in the park and things like that, but then softball has helped me, like, believe in myself. >> i teach them how to value themselves first, then value each other. i didn't want to build a team anymore. i want to build a family. >> reporter: but just as this team grew stronger, cancer threw this coach a curveball. >> why? why do i have cancer now? >> reporter: sidelined by the cancerous mass in his stomach, his players kept practicing and kept his hopes up. >> sending me prayers, sending me texts, i knew that i have to
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>> i had to not cry in front of him because i know he's going to feel weak, but when i'm with him, support him, make him laugh. >> reporter: he says after treatment and a diet change, doctors told him he is cancer- free and more good news followed. a softball team from chicago invited the lady tigers to the windy city and the lady tigers said yes. >> ladies are great. you're going to be great in chicago. >> reporter: when these teammates face the chicago fireworks, it will be their first time playing in a professional arena. their host found them hotel accommodations and the travel will travel by bus on a three- day trip in april. >> we stick together no matter what and we got this. >> reporter: these teammates say they are now sisters with a life-long plan to prove along with this coach they love that hard work pays off. >> one, two, three-- >> lady tigers! >> reporter: in the south bronx, dave carlin, cbs 2news. >> the team set up a go fund me page to raise money for the trip.
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more. elise finch is here with your cbs 2 forecast. love that story. >> great story. >> and now the weather. >> then we have the weather. thanks, cindy! some people are really into this weather, right? we didn't have much of a cold winter, didn't see much snow. some people are excited, loving it. others, not so much. check in with some of our weather watchers, see what kinds of conditions they are reporting at 11:20 at night. lots of 30-degree temperatures. some that are just at the freezing mark. this is carmen in jackson. it's 32 degrees where he is. we do have slightly warmer temps as we head to long island. for example, nancy in east islip, 38 degrees where she is. of course she is showing us the windy icon. then we head into the lower hudson valley, where temperatures are in the 20s. this is victoria in yorktown heights. it's 28 degrees where she is and her comment, beautiful, but cold today. where is spring? is there any more snow on the way? short answer? yeah, there is. let's get to it.
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tonight, the empire state building is lit up. it keeps alternating colors for all the different teams in major league baseball. there you go. there's the change right there. changing colors, it is a beautiful sight. mostly cloudy tonight, 38 degrees officially. winds out of the north at just 6 miles an hour. very different. no wind advisories tonight. no high wind warnings. that's a plus. highs around the area today, from the low 40s in newark and bridgeport. 50 degrees for central park and islip and laguardia. at 40 degrees, we hit it just after midnight. of course with the winds, it felt cooler. take a look at peak wind gusts. no wonder we saw significant damage. 71 mile-an-hour winds in madison, new jersey. 64 for jfk. 57 for staten island. it was search very, very windy. damaging winds. those have died down. that's the good news. of course we're watching another system moving in. this one is going to bring us rain and snow and a little wintry mix of precipitation. looks like just in time for
11:23 pm
turning on your future cast, clouds really start to thicken up around midnight. 6:00, 7:00 in the morning, sullivan, orange, ulster, putnam, you're looking at snow. some of that will stick. northwest new jersey, also looking at snow at 7:00 a.m. then it changes over to rain in and around new york city, out to long island. we continue to see more significant rain potentially heading into the afternoon. people concerned about the yankee home opener, we are expecting rain around that time, then rain for several hours afterwards. we'll keep you posted there. continuing to see a little snow on the back side of this system before it finally gets out of here. we've got rain here, a coating to 1 inch north of the city. then heading to our northern suburbs, 1 to 3 inches, which is why we have winter weather advisories in effect now until 6:00 p.m. monday. overnight tonight, it's a cold one. 20s and 30s. tomorrow's high, 51 degrees. again, it is not a nice day. we start out with rain and snow. we continue to see rain
11:24 pm
tuesday is better, sunny, 42. a little windy. then the next warm day we have is thursday, 60 degrees, but you'll need the umbrella once again. >> it always does a roller coaster. elise, thank you. a wild scene at a hockey game, but not on the ice. an escalator emergency caught on camera. sports fans sent tumbling to the ground because of a problem they couldn't control. >> then later, a new jersey animal shelter goes up in flames. now people in the community are being called heroes for stepping up to help the pets. >> and don't forget to follow
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. terrifying moments when an escalator suddenly malfunctioned after a flyers game in philadelphia. this cell phone video shows the escalator speeding up inside the wells fargo center, sending fans tumbling into a pile. officials immediately shut down the escalator. no word on how many people were injured. we are close to the end of hockey season. not as scary. baseball just beginning. >> baseball is here, yeah. it's opening night in baseball and the mets are a part of it.
11:28 pm
baseball, the mets lost to the royals in the world series. it is only fitting these two teams meet on opening night. that means the mets were standing on third base watching the royals raise the world series flag before the game. this game had similarities to the world series, including a mental miscue by cespedes leading to the first run of the game. royals put up a pair of runs on matt harvey, who left after six innings. the mets, though, just rallied in the 8th, now trail 4-3 in the 8th inning. knicks trying to salvage pride against the pacers. it was left up to the bench. aaron afflalo was so confused in the closing seconds, that's a little later on. also, joined by former met decembery releford, using new technology to teach baseball to kids around the world. that is coming up later on in more sports. >> thank you, steve. well, disturbing discovery near a suburban park. >> plus drones may soon get the
11:29 pm
washington that could speed up your deliveries. >> then later, chasing a chihuahua. a little dog on the run on the road. t mt ard twk.nogesur-st00eginrn tanphe
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. a fire tore through an animal shelter in new jersey. the building is destroyed, but now the community is coming together to help displaced pets. cbs 2 has the story from montclair. >> when i pulled up, i saw black smoke pouring out of the back of the building. >> reporter: erin brennan describes the chaotic scene. her brother spotted the fire. >> there's a fire, fire, call 911! he started pulling animals out of the building. >> reporter: thankfully, volunteers were already at the shelter caring for the animals. you can see the damage done to the building. flames so intense, they even spread to one shelter worker's car parked behind the street on willow street in downtown montclair. >> it could have been deadly.
11:33 pm
cats and dogs were saved by shelter workers and neighbors who rushed in to help. >> the volunteers all lined up, like a traveling line starting pulling animal after animal. >> all 70 pets have already been placed in foster homes or other shelters. no word on what started the fire, but there are plans to rebuild with a fund-raiser set for next sunday. well, the calendar says spring, but it feels more like winter. people woke up to ice and snow this morning. we could have more of the same in just a few hours from now. elise finch is tracking another storm. >> plus, just another day on the job. the search for a little dog becomes a real adventure on a business oh bridge. t,inif he otrstt a mm yorellig b? ner tt
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. police make a disturbing discovery in lincoln park.
11:37 pm
around 3:30 this morning after reports of gunshots. that's where they found a man bleeding from an apparent gunshot wound. he died at the scene and has not been identified. shooter. schumer hopes new technology will stop terror attacks before they take place. he wants the department of homeland security to fast track testing of a high tech detection system that can identify an isis go-to explosive called t atp. >> the detectors could save countless lives. they could force isis to go back to the drawing board and come up with new means of their deadly evil. the device is small and unobject trucive. it can be worn on a policeman's belt. >> the terrorist who attacked in paris and brussels used tatp. schumer says it's a frightening explosive because it can be made from chemicals you can buy in any drug store. new recommendations sent to the government could clear the way for commercial drone flights over populated areas. according to the
11:38 pm
weighing about a half pound or less would be allowed to fly unrestricted over crowds. the group making the recommendation say that's because of the risk of causing injury is low. the move could help speed up the introduction of drone delivery and news gathering flights. taking a look at the week ahead, tomorrow is the home opener for the yankees against the houston astros. first pitch is set for 1:05 p.m. at yankees stadium. and the home opener for the mets is set for friday at 1:10 p.m. against the phillies at citi field. tuesday, newly revised common core testing in new york begins for grades 3 through 8. the shorter tests will not be timed and no longer used to evaluate teachers. each question was reviewed for relevance and age appropriateness. at least 22 educators across the state. thursday is world health day. this year's campaign is to raise awareness about diabetes. the consequences of the disease, and how to prevent, diagnose and treat it. high-speed pursuit this morning in san francisco, but
11:39 pm
a tiny chihuahua led police on a chase across the city's bay bridge. you can see in the video the brave dog running ferociously with an officer on a motorcycle not far behind. at one point, it ran into traffic. thankfully, the officer caught up, took the dog into custody. he was taken to the san francisco animal care center until its owner comes forward. elise finch has another check of your work week forecast. >> that was adorable. super cute. [ laughter ] our forecast, not quite as cute, right? we definitely got rid of the winds. that's the good news. we do have another round of winter weather heading our way. we're taking a live look outside tonight. we continue to show you the empire state building because it's major league baseball's opening day. they are switching colors, colors of all the different teams. there you have it. mostly cloudy, 38 degrees right now. winds out of the north at just 6 miles an hour. far cry from earlier today, when winds were 60-plus miles
11:40 pm
take a look at these temperatures. it is a cold night. 25 degrees in monticello. 28 degrees in the hamptons and the same for belmar. 28 degrees. so we are talking about cold temperatures. the 24-hour temperature change is significant. it's 20 degrees cooler right now in belmar than it was this time yesterday. 17 degrees cooler in the hamptons, 15 for white plains, 11 degrees cooler for monticello and edison. tumbling temperatures continue. 79 degrees on friday. 61 degrees yesterday. 50 degrees yesterday, but we hit the high shortly after midnight. with the winds, it felt cooler. tomorrow, 51, but again, it will be breezy, feeling cooler. of course it's damp tomorrow. then we're at 42 for tuesday. things don't warm up any time soon. vortex satellite and radar showing the next system moving in. this is going to bring us rain and snow and a little bit of wintry mix in there for some
11:41 pm
so the winds are much weaker tonight. that's the good news. we do have a very cold night with freeze alerts in effect. another messy mix tomorrow morning. temperatures remain below normal. so overnight tonight, late snowflakes north and west, 34 degrees. already colder in the suburbs. i mention the freeze warnings in effect. you can see them. they are coastal areas, especially out into long island. people concerned about the home opener tomorrow for the yankees. 49 degrees when the first pitch is thrown out at 1:05. yes, we will have wet weather, so it remains to be seen if that game happen. cindy? >> elise, thank you. still ahead, opening night for the mets in kansas city. plus, steve overmyer's interview with mike piazza
11:42 pm
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. well, imagine the emotions the mets had to be feeling tonight. i mean, paired with the excitement of opening day is the sting of watching the royals celebrate the world series in front of them all over again. matt harvey against edinson volquez in the first opening day rematch of a world series in mlb history, easterlily reminiscent of that world series. cespedes' mental error led to
11:45 pm
royals got harvey for four runs, 5 2/3 innings. mets rallied for three runs in the 8th inning to make this a game, but right now they are down 4-3 in the ninth. meanwhile, pirates and cardinals leading off opening day in pittsburgh. both teams failed to menace in the playoffs last year, but still finished with the top two records in all of baseball. pitcher francisco liriano goes 1-for-2 at the plate with an rbi, then struck out 10. score one for the home team. pirates take the season opener over the cardinals 4-1. blue jays and rays in tampa. chris archer striking out 12 in five innings for the rays, but toronto's bats picked up where they left off last year. this is the team that led the majors in homeruns last year. they got one from troy tulowitzki in the eighth. toronto hangs on to win 5-3. there's a new baseball app out there right now. it is called up 17.
11:46 pm
players to upload their video telestraighted instruction from former players like our guest tonight, 11-year baseball vet, one-time member of the mets, desi releford. thank you for joining us. >> thanks for having me. >> video instruction is nothing new, but you're getting personalized telestrated instruction via your smartphone, right? >> it's a great exon september. i think we'll be able to affect a lot of kids by the technology. >> is there a common thread between these kids, little leaguers, high schoolers, college, is there a common mistake you're seeing when you're looking at these kids' swings? >> oh, yeah, especially young hitters have a long swing, meaning their hands are getting away from their bodies instead of being in a more direct path. i think a lot of that is because they have been able to get away it, not facing guys throwing 90 miles an hour and
11:47 pm
they can get away with it. so me being able to instruct them and teach them the right way to do it, i think it's priceless for a kid to be able to send in a video and have a credentialed major leaguer such as myself and the guys you mentioned, to have a look at what you're doing and instruct you, fix what you're doing, give you some ideas on how to do it as far as drills and instruction. from that point on, you have a minimum of a 5-minute review that allows you to -- you can go back and refer to this at any point in time in your life and you have it. >> well, what happens when your advice conflicts with their coach's advice? [ laughter ] it could happen! >> there's no conflicting advice! i know more than that guy more than likely! >> right, right. >> there's a pretty good chance. [ laughter ] if he's coming to us, coach isn't doing a good job! [ laughter ] >> exactly. baseball is known for its tradition and history.
11:48 pm
technology until now, though. now we're seeing instant replays. managers are going to have ipads in the dugout starting now. do you think baseball is starting to embrace technology? >> oh, without a doubt. you can see it with doing all of their metrics during games, showing how fast a guy is running, how far he ran to get a ball. >> speed velocity. >> guys are coming off of the field. there's a reporter in the dugout. fans are interested and wanting to know what's happening inside the game and the technology provides that. it's a platform for people to get into, you know, the pitcher's mound, when the pitcher comes out, pitching coach comes out and talks to the manager or the pitcher, people want to hear what's going on. >> if baseball wants to embrace a new generation, you might as well communicate with them on the devices they use on a day- to-day basis. >> without a date. i have two kids of my own.
11:49 pm
>> 45-degree angle and their thumbs are going at it. something. >> teach them something! the fact that format, that's where kids are at now. that's -- we can reach anybody, not just the kids that i do lessons with in my neighborhood or my city. i can reach kids in hong kong or italy or wherever. >> part of your 11-year history was with the new york mets, with the team in 2001 and what was expected to be a world series contending team. obviously that year was overshadowed by the events on 9/11. the mets were in pittsburgh at that time. take us through what happened on that day for you. >> well, it was like any other normal morning after a game, sleeping in, out late from the game, you come in, sleep late. so my phone was just buzzing, getting a lot of calls, beeps. i was just ignoring it. i decided to pick up. my dad left a message saying, hey, i'm just calling to see if
11:50 pm
i thought that was weird. he didn't say why. he just -- whatever. then another friend called and said, hey, man, what's going on over there? they are blowing stuff up, what's happening? like, what? what's going on? so i turn on the tv and what do i see? the twin towers getting hit with planes. and it was just very -- it was haunting. it was an uncanny, surreal-type feeling. and everybody -- it put everybody in panic mode. so it wasn't like we just kind of chilled and we were figuring out what we were going to do. we were -- our hotel was next to a federal building of some sort, so they-- >> you were worried you could be a target. >> right. or anywhere close. there was another plane that had gone down in pennsylvania, which wasn't too far away from where we were. so they packed us up, away from downtown and everything and drove us out about an hour or two away and puts in a hotel
11:51 pm
and then once we, you know, we knew we weren't going to be playing, we drove back home and that night, driving into the city was just -- it was creepy. driving in, it's dark and you could just see this kind of a glow and the smoke hovering above the city. it was -- nobody was on the street. this is new york, one of the most bustling cities in the world. there was nobody out. and that was scary in itself, like a scene from a movie or something. so that type, it was, it was tough to deal with. it was a super quiet bus ride. i mean, we probably drove, i don't know how far it is from pittsburgh to here, but there wasn't a whole lot of talking, city. >> but baseball was a reason to celebrate once again. that was mike piazza's maybe
11:52 pm
history with that homerun on september 21. you were there for that. in fact, you had an interesting perspective. you were on base. >> i was on base, yeah. i was put in to pinch run right before that, but just to get back to that night, we were playing the braves. obviously we hate the braves. hated rivalry. but that night there was love and just in the atmosphere between us, them, the fans. stadium was packed. it was rocking. i think liza minelli sang the national anthem. it was one of the most aplaysing events i've ever been a part of. everybody was pulling for us. it was huge. >> it was huge for the city, for the nation. >> for everyone. it gave-- >> even some of the braves had to at least appreciate that moment. >> oh, without a doubt.
11:53 pm
normal, like, hey, we won, walked off. i mean, after the game we walked across like a high school game, shook hands, hugging the other team. it was special. it was special. >> and i think that we all see that as such a special game, such an important game. now if you've seen the story of his jersey from that night is now up for auction, mets let that go, some people think that jersey should be hanging up in the mets museum, if you will. what should the final destination for that jersey be? it shouldn't be in someone's man cave. >> without a doubt. i agree with you wholeheartedly there. i think in a perfect world, it should be with the mets in their 9/11 memorial at the stadium. it just makes sense, mets jersey, mike's big hit, signed it. i think that's where, that's where it should be. >> you can upload up 17 in the app store right now and get instruction on desi releford himself. desi, thanks for sharing all of
11:54 pm
i really appreciate it. >> well, thanks for having me. i really appreciate it. i appreciate being here to spread the word about up 17. we're looking for big things from it. hopefully this interview will help. [ laughter ] for the second straight year, the mets daily mvp will get to wear this custom-made championship belt. there is a major change to this this year. notice the breast cancer awareness ribbon and the shamrock, those are in memory of shannon ford, the mets pr staffer who lost her battle with the deadly disease. the team is also raising funds for her family on wednesday night, mets greats like ron darling and keith hernandez will be signing autographs at foley's in manhattan from 7:00 to 9:00 wednesday night. hope you get out there. good news for the knicks. they are going to the playoffs. in the d league. the westchester knicks have hopes of a championship, the nba version of the knicks just playing for pride and their
11:55 pm
carmelo anthony took the night off. porzingis, lance thomas, calderon, all dealing with injuries right now. it's amazing the knicks still sell out the garden. they actually gave fans a good one tonight. paul george giving them the lead with 27 seconds left. aaron afflalo with an amazing can have and shoot and the knicks are back in business, right? refs say he was out of bounds before he shot the ball. and there you have it. knicks lose by five, 92-87. nets taking on the pelicans without their top five scorers because of injuries. it didn't matter because tim frazer made himself at home in brooklyn. how bad are the mets for starters? they are hosting this year's nba draft and they won't have a first round pick to show off. now, they are messing up alley- oops. that was offensive goaltending. the nets lose by 19, 106-87. final round of the houston open. for some, it's a final tune-up
11:56 pm
forkers on, it's their ticket to the masters. jim herman gets his first win after 106 pga starts. once he was an assistant at trump bed minister in new jersey. he credits the donald for giving him his start. trump promises to make america great again. it's worked for one golfer. he's headed to next week's masters, right here on cbs. stick around. we'll be right back. all across america families are coming back to time warner cable for a whole new experience. we came back for internet speeds so fast even the kids are impressed. oh she's impressed. we're catching up on movies and shows on demand just as fast as we can watch them. twc's home wifi is so strong we can use all our devices at the same time. come back today. you'll get 100 meg internet,
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for $89.99 a month. and now, get a $300 reward card. call today. (mailman) what are you guys doing? (receptionist) it-it gets boring between calls so i make phone music. (security guard) she has a gift. (receptionist) i'll bust out some sample beats for you. (mailman) why don't you try a new york lottery scratch-off game instead? it's fun.
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(avo) take a break from the expected. play scratch-off games from the new york lottery. let's get a final check on your wakeup weather. >> let's do it. we have another system moving in, this one bringing more wintry weather. for new york city and most of new jersey, most of long island, this is primarily a rain event. may see a little rain/snow mix, but mainly a rain event. just a little north of that, could see a coating to 1 inch. sullivan, ulster, duchess, we could see 1 to 3 inches of snow
11:59 pm
in effect right now, remains in effect until tomorrow. monday, 51 is the high, but it's a damp day after the wintry mix in the morning, rain in the afternoon. get ready. >> elise, thank you. that does it for cbs 2news at 11:00. for the entire cbs 2news team,


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